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Our Story


Our Story:

It is known that children that are introduced into diversity and inclusion in early childhood can develop as inclusive adults. During the pandemic, I wrote the book; The Mean Foal, a story about respect, mutual appreciation, and acceptance.  I wanted to show my daughter (Ariatna Gabriela [5 years old at that time]) to love and respect other's individual and cultural differences. 

I hired an illustrator and Ariatna provided her opinion for each illustration that I received: "Mommy, that illustration makes me laugh, keep it like that." One night Ariatna said: "I want to make my own children's book." As she had learned the word empathy that day, she tells me (from her imagination) a story about a flower that did not share its petals with other flowers. I took notes following her narrative and expressions. "From that moment, Ariatna chose her illustrators, approved, and edited each one of the drawings, and they gladly welcomed her ideas. Her book is called The Mean Flower - a story about the power of empathy (Spanish edition: La Flor Rebelde, una historia sobre el poder de la empatía). 

We selected Amazon KDP to distribute our books, because the platform provides options to sell locally and internationally. That's where we started as freelance writers. Currently, our books can be found in bookstores in Puerto Rico, Amazon, and some have already been accepted at Barnes & Noble (The Mean Foal). 

Book awards:

Ariatna G. Claudio received the 2022 Youth Honor Award by Skipping Stones Multicultural Magazine for her book: The Mean Flower, a story about the power of empaty    Youth Honor Awards recognize creative and artistic works by young people that promote multicultural and nature awareness. Youth Honors Awards – Skipping Stones

The book The Mean Flower received honorary mention in The International Latino Book Awards in 2022

The Process

We want to inspire others, while working together as a mother and daughter duo. Our key is to make the thoughts of each of us valued and respected throughout the creative writing process.

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